Turkey Roast Pan

A few years ago, we decided to cook our first turkey, and realized we didn't have an appropriate pan, so we bought this one! It's nonstick and comes with a rack too.

The turkey was ... fine. But the pan was fantastic! Just in time for Thanksgiving, we hope you'll have more luck than us, and unlike us remember to take out the turkey's insides from both ends.

There are a few scratches on the bottom from where we fished out the turkey, but it's still as non-stick as it was on day one! Oh! and we'll include a baster too for free if you're interested.

  • 17 inches long
  • 14 inches wide
  • 18.5 inches diagonally

Buy It

Interested in buying the Turkey Roast Pan? Send us your email and we'll get in touch.

We don't have big cars, so local pickups in Charlottesville, Virginia only.