Rental Property 706 Grove Avenue, Apartment A

Two bedroom, one bath apartment, walking distance to downtown and an easy bike ride to Woolen Mills.

The living room is huge and bright with room for 2 full size couches and a wood-burning, actually working fireplace.

The 2 bedrooms are big, each with closets.

There's a bonus room we're currently using as an office but could be a dining room or even an additional bedroom.

The kitchen, while dated, is super functional and also huge.

The bathroom is in good condition, and if you ask nicely we can leave our amazing shower head.

There's also a huge attic and shared basement downstairs with dedicated laundry machines for the apartment.

Buy It

Interested in buying the Rental Property 706 Grove Avenue, Apartment A? Send us your email and we'll get in touch.

We don't have big cars, so local pickups in Charlottesville, Virginia only.